Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where the days go

I fight with my brain to relieve my eyes. And it's harder than you think...
Ah, finally time for a new little post. Well, I'm not certain if anyone else feels the way I do at the moment. I've been putting all my effort into school lately, and when I'm doing it I'm very unaware of other things and usually give no importance to them. Generally, I give to them a very apathetic approach. Now that it's the weekend, my mind ultimately has the time to spiral around some memories. I have a tendency to think back to past events, and miss them so much. The only reason I do is because I yearn more for those wonderful feelings I had felt, not whom I had shared them with. But everytime I see who I've shared them with, to know that he's so quick to move on really gets to me. I really haven't been able to move on, it's been taking me such a long time and sometimes I can't wait for this person to graduate so I won't have to see him again ,that way I won't have to confront those feelings sporadically. Sure, I'll miss seeing him around but until then I'll be in a much more favorable atmosphere. We haven't spoken to eachother for months now anyway. Like they say.. "It doesn't matter how long it takes to get there, as long as you don't give up" Haha, if anyone has any idea to whom that quote belongs to, please tell me! I always follow along those lines, but really have not the slightest idea who came up with it.
source: Georgia Frost for A4 issue# 64


stephanie said...

Great pictures- perfect Saturday post :)
Hang in there lady- Certain events that seemed so difficult when I was in high school now seem so ridiculous when I think where I am and where those people I had to deal with then are now: You end up better off. It gets easier with time...if only sometimes we could see into the future, eh?!


Delmy said...

thanks for the comment love!

Nice blog u have!

nuha nuha said...

there you are! i've been wondering where you've been! as always, great photos.

i understand how you feel, (i know how sick it is when people say that line to you) but we just have to go along you know? we're young and the young shouldn't stay sober. whats done has been done, i think about the past sometimes but then it scares me to remember who i once was. the past doesnt haunt us, we haunt them, thats all. think straight ahead! every cloud has a silver lining! oh and i've no idea about that quote. google says no results. haha!

filthy lust said...

such pretty pictures.

Birgit said...

Thanks for your comment,
love this post it has gorgeous pictures.


La Fée said...

these are beautiful, they make me crave sheer and lace so badly!

alana said...

Stephanie - Haha, you're absolutely right! I always hear that time is the only thing that may heal and it's true. I guess I'm just in the process of that right now. Thanks for that! :)

Nuha Nuha - I've always been following the same path. I mean looking back and all - but I know that time doesn't go back. It just goes forward and I really have to learn how to also look at the positive and not magnify the negative. I'm still working on that too - thank you very much, I appreciate it, really!