Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm a highschool lover, and you're my favorite flavor

You're my playground love.
Alright, so it's 11:30. School tomorrow, essay due tomorrow. Unfortunately, I haven't even finished my essay yet. I feel so futile doing this, I guess my excitement won me to it. Wow Alana, looking through such amazing editorials late at night when I haven't even finished what I should have for the past three days. Someone save me and may luck be of my acquaintance tomorrow as I hear Mr.Olsen's disappointed tone ruin my day. Anyways, a plus side for you guys, I added a new song. I hope all of you enjoy it. Typing that sentence has been the most uncomfortable thing right now. I haven't felt this lame for a long while now.
source: Numéro 100 February 2009

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