Friday, February 20, 2009

'Cause she's real

Above are some of my favorites by Gemma Booth, I love her ethereal creativity in pictures. Amazing softness and angelic-like compositions open my eyes and inspire me dearly. So very lovely. To scavenge through more of her admirable work click here:
Oh man, this song is endlessly spiraling through my mind, my feelings are having some sort of relation to it at the moment:
I walked across, an empty land
I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
I felt the earth, beneath my feet
Sat by the river and it made me complete
Oh, simple thing, where have you gone?
I'm getting old and I need something to rely on
So tell me when, you're gonna let me in
I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin.
-Somewhere Only We Know by Keane


stephanie said...

Beautiful blog!
I saw Keane in concert- I fell in love with the lead singer for those two hours ;)

Thanks for checking out leChic!
I'm dying to get that lightening bold button down blouse too! But I'm pretty sure I won't get hers- instead I'm trying to find a thrifted equivalent. I just feel that by the time her collection hits stores, it'll be another eternity before it hits some store here, if any at all in this city.
Those pictures I posted, kind of have me crushing (no pun intended!) on crushed velvet....I think i'll try and thrift some of that as well asap!

oh i'm gonna link ya!

alana said...

No way! Oh my, how I'd love to see Keane in concert! Haha, I'd probably cry to their songs, I don't know why, they always put me in a different mood just as almost all songs do, but I can relate anything to their lyrics right now. So, I've been into them lately. Oh, and I agree, I'm probably going to have to go on a hunt to find a shirt very similair to it, it seems like it wouldn't be too hard to find but when you enter a thrift store, you never know.. I checked the price for it and it was $115. Big splurge for something similair you can get for less than $6. Thanks for linking me! :)

ambiquitous said...

i agree what a beautiful blog, just wonderful photos! can't wait to see what treasures you post next. xx

nuha nuha said...

oh my lord the editorials and pictures you have on your blog are amazing, absolutely absolutely beautiful. how and where did you get them? ahah I have to search through endless magazines and blogs and even google just to get the right fashion editorials! I'm posting about your blog, it's just too great to miss. definitely will visit regularly!

Siska said...

wow I love it!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Gorgeous photos, I really like your blogggg! =]


CapuccinoB. said...

ahh, yes, she's one of my favourite photographers :)