Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'll forget one of these days

Wednesday. Tomorrow: Thursday. One more week of school and spring break hits in. Already? I think time should slow down a bit, just for for the sake of it. Anyway, I'm going crazy for this editorial, the outfits are divine, and the accessories are so wonderful. Annie Beaust has a face I'll never get tired of, she's one of those porcelain dolls your grandma brought you from Sweden when you were young. But you dare not touch her or bring her out of the box for you don't want such beauty to wear off for the foolish act of just playing around with her. She's just better to look at from a distance. I didn't even like to play with those kinds of dolls when I was young, needless to say I was never intrigued by their beauty or frillyness. But now, whenever I stumble upon beautiful models, I just have to think about them.
source: scans by plasticseam


Stephanie said...

I love those lacey trousers in the first pic! I love all of the editorials you post, they are amazing!

nuha nuha said...

again, you make my day haha :]

tobaccoandleather said...

i love that top right picture. those feathery shoulders are mint!

loving your blog


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