Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jane & Francoise

I've decided to make a small tribute to the swingin' 60's icons. They're beautiful, with amazing vocals and clever use of fashion. Their ingenuity of appearance and clothing have made an impact in my daily wardrobe, let these images inspire you too!

Jane Birkin: listen here
What to love:
-flirty eyelet pieces
-feminine lace blouses
-comfortable fitted tees
-high waisted bell-bottoms
-leg-baring mini crochet dresses
-the natural look
-body hugging knits
-lovely lovely lady jewelry

Fran├žoise Hardy: listen here
What to love:
-straight bangs
-motorcycle jackets
-coquette-ish cat eyes
-cozy oversized sweaters
-boy meets girl look
-capris pants
-soft trench coats
-black, black, BLACK!


ambiquitous said...

amazing post! these two are such great style icons.

James Lillis said...

Your blog has the best photos...

susie miller said...


The beautiful and glammed said...

great blog, saving some of these shots, beautiful! following your blog x

Every Little Counts said...

gotta love these two ladies. nice work ;)
i loved it so much, i mentioned this post in my new blog:


Slanelle said...

jane birkin was SO beautiful