Monday, December 7, 2009

Numero trois

Little wet tears on my baby's shoulders

1) "I've just been thinking too much lately." Seriously. Here presented through words is the account of an over analytical freak that inclines towards perfection. Again, how is achievement really achieved if there is no failure? I can not guess. I'm tired of being tired. The mind is known to do anything but synchronize thoughts. Stress. One more time. It eats you up. Just to help out a friend I told him, "Even if I sucked, I tell myself I did my best. That elevates my mood even if it's a bit". All the advice that is given is never followed by the giver. Don't you ever feel like being so utterly involved in your own bubble makes you become detached from all the REAL situations that are happening out there?

2) Oh hey, I sometimes doubt you, but I was told you might be just what I need. I was contemplating the notion, I still need to figure myself out. Despite my little cluttered up head, I smile because of the effortlessly adorable way you seem. Your character presents such an interesting image. "All I know is, I really enjoyed my time."

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