Sunday, September 20, 2009

What's on my mind

1. I know that you think that in some way you'll be able to make me feel resentful with what you do, but I hope it doesn't break you to know that I'll never change my perspective. It'll just make me see you in a darker light. Sorry.

2. This weekend (like the rest), I've thought of it. And finally, I hope, just finally I've become truthful with the way I feel and not force myself to turn from it. Comfort's all there was, and I admittedly, was okay with it.

3. I want you to ask me already! You. Before anyone else. Truthfully. Honestly. Don't analyze and JUST DO IT! I don't even know why I've humbly and sincerely inclined towards you, I guess I'm just real excited for something new. Just to think about it makes me smile so please, HURRY UP!

4. I hope that my constant ambiguity doesn't make people dislike me. My practice of it is under heavy rotation, it must drive some of you sick if you take the time to read what I post.

5. I honestly dislike people that go to school without a purpose. If minimal effort is put forth, it's cool. But do it for the right reasons, damn it. It irritates me when people want to get good grades to get parents off their back, instead of doing it for themselves. Alright, I admit it's more difficult to do it for others than yourself. But subjectively, I believe that it's pointless. You're not really striving towards anything if you're taking freaking 6 AP classes to get "parents off your back". If your parents don't pressure you to take difficult classes, and all you want is to get them off your case, take regular courses. Why the hell would you just take difficult courses if you're completely indifferent about college!?!?

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