Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bad dream

I'm tired of so many things. Today's passing has become an enormous blur, starting from the beginning of the day during French class when a friend pointed out a physical flaw of mine which most likely fulfilled her with satisfaction. Then her ceaseless routine of joking has emerged to me today, a snaking growth of exhaustion and angst internally developing. Now I feel that our bonding is utterly deficient. And today I embarassed myself once again, adding yet another paper to the pile in my drawer of embarassing moments. Or maybe I just embarass myself because I manage to look at it as an embarassing situation. Maybe I'm just the only one feeling this way and magnifying everything to a far extent. Confusion has just made a large factor recently, from the doubt of friendships to self-conciousness and lack of determination. It's time to wake up and motivate myself. ELEVATE myself. Insanity's irritation is a heavier weight than the resolutions one's able to commit to. Just tired of battling with myself and my surroundings. What happened to that positive feeling of intense commitment? I can feel autumn's air surfacing each and every coming day.

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