Saturday, July 24, 2010

This blog has definitely transformed into something now required to contain depth at every post. I like it though, and I don't care if any of you readers mind, let alone, even read what I type. I'll let this post be dedicated to various people whom will surely never read what I've to say about them, maybe they'll know some other time.

1. I love you, and I used to not get along with you that much at some point, but it seems like our separation brings us closer. I'm not sure if you feel it, but I know that I do. Maybe you should know that pessimism doesn't help. To be honest, you dragged me down and a few others to such a low level that all we settled down to was apathy, and closure. I understand that distance is a barrier, but you can not repress yourself for it. If nothing rises, then nothing rises. You simply accept it. However, you manage to complain and if things don't go your way, there's nothing in between for you. Learn to not look at everything either black or white, the world doesn't suck. Neither does your life, for Christ's sake. I'm not going to acquire your qualities anymore. I was too unsettled perhaps for as long as time can remember, but I think I creaked open a door. I'm hoping that you find at least a tint of fulfillment soon. I'm always here for you.

2. You're the only one I have the easiest accessibility to at the moment. However, something we both lack of is fun. When someone's missing, our whole environment changes. I'm sure you're aware of it too, and most of the time you're the one I least know has any feelings present. We open up to eachother, sure. I think you're still trying to find your way through.

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Your blog is beautiful, I love your writing. I definitely could keep caring what you write about ;)
City Girl x
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