Friday, April 23, 2010

Here's for humanity

Take away the pains of being too human. You either face unrequited feelings from someone; Sometimes it's you who lacks of reciprocal, causing hurt any way. You want something badly, and yet can not attain it. All that this natural instinct provides is misery. Any way you follow the rules, you end up the same. Even life is this way. Stay for a while, then diminish. You'll stay in the vast records of a beautiful world, but I unlike others, dares not ask the question that precedes. That is why I want to stay away from everything that humanity has amounted to. This does not necessarily imply I rather excplore life through the being of some inanimate subject, I merely possess the curiosity. What I would like to prevent is the closeness of sentiments. Why does a dip in the inexplicable arena called life guarantee uneasiness to every single being? This is not a complaint that inclines towards smooth sailing circumstances, I do understand the difficulties that surface. But every action leads to it, and I do not want to be a part of it. My being is too unprepared.

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tetrahisis said...

Oh I am so with you sister. You hit the preverbial nail on the head...And we are never really alone. There is no actual "seperation" or divisions these are things that have been learned and taught through all time of conscious thought. The "I's" have it...or rather the "I's" have made it so. All pain and suffering war etc. is caused of fear of loss of one thing or another. when really we never had to gain or lose.. our common condition of being human and unaware of the oneness of all. Is the downfall of mankind.:(