Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Growing up

The scattered bits whirled into a subtle wind of exhilaration. This, of course, was only an image that was to be touched by my mind. It merely blossomed a sense of more youthful days, when my surroundings were fully seeped into my being as unexplainable beauty. When happiness was wafted for no reason at all. Every single atom was deeply absorbed like slow respiration. To hold on to hope, it’s beautiful. To desire something so much and for so long is fathomable. It can either be adjusted in a state of comfort but detachment. It can have you faded into endless horizons of anxiety or thought. It can make you miss someone like you have never imagined possible. The richest soils interlock with the rough and unknown surface of concrete when it’s time for it to come. And there’s still more dirt ahead. That’s growing up for you.

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